Benefits of Being a Member of NASGA

Why Do You Join An Association?

  • You don't buy a newspaper, you buy news.
  • You don't buy life insurance, you buy security.
  • You don't buy glasses, you buy vision.
  • You don't buy awnings, you buy shade.
  • You don't buy membership in an association... You buy the cooperation of people in your profession with whom you can join hands to do the things you can't do alone.

Membership in Benefits of Membership, North American Strawberry Growers Association, United States & Canada, helps farmers learn to grow better, sweeter, juicier strawberries at a better profit.Joining any organization involves a certain commitment especially where dues are required for membership.

This is exactly what the North American Strawberry Growers Association (NASGA) represents ... those growers, nurserymen, researchers, extension specialists, and suppliers who want to get the most out of growing strawberries.


This commitment to doing one's best doesn't guarantee overnight success, but it does mean that you will be exposed to resources of people and information to put you on the right path toward personal and financial achievement.

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Here's what you can expect to gain from the North American Strawberry Growers Association:

  • Access to the top strawberry researchers and horticulturists in the United States and Canada. At our three-day annual meeting held in the winter, there is ample time to speak directly with scientists and professionals who are vitally interested in your concerns. 

  • Timely publications that give you the latest information on production methods and new marketing techniques such as the newly redesigned and enlarged quarterly newsletter. These publications are for members only to keep you up-to-date and save you time and effort searching through university libraries or a multitude of magazines for what is new and valuable for strawberry growers. 

  • New ideas developed by other growers. A true sign of a successful grower is a willingness to share knowledge gained from personal successes and failures. Such sharing is a major component of our annual meeting. In addition, our membership directory give you a chance to contact other members for their advice or support. 

  • NASGA works for you as a lobby for berry growers on the national level. Our success depends upon your participation and support. This is a critical time during which we see university research and extension programs under very close scrutiny that often results in cutback of financial support. You can show support as constituents of the strawberry industry by joining together in NASGA. University, USDA, and Provincial administrators clearly see our commitment as we contributed over $50,000 toward research projects this year.

  • NASGA supports your marketing efforts through special publications offered by NASGA to assist you and promote strawberries to your customers. Each Annual Conference has several sessions dedicated to marketing related topics.

A valuable key to success is membership, North American Strawberry Growers Association, United States & CanadaIf you grow and market strawberries and other small fruits, educate or consult, or are exploring the myriad dimensions of small fruit growing as a career, then it is time to recognize that the North American Strawberry Growers Association is a valuable key to your success!

We invite you to join NASGA and take advantage of new experiences and friendships while strengthening the solid foundation of information needed to be a successful grower.

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