An Invitation to the Strawberry Research Community

You are invited to submit a proposal on strawberry research for consideration by NASGA.  Included with this message are guidelines for you or others at your institution, to submit proposals for potential grant funding.  Please forward this invitation to your colleagues in plant horticulture, breeding, pathology, entomology and weed science. NASGA supports research in strawberry production that will benefit its grower members.

Funds to support research are derived primarily from the sale of strawberry plants and are voluntarily donated, without Market Order or Check-off, by plant nurseries throughout Canada and the United States. NASGA is sensitive to the concerns of research scientists with regard to funding, publishing and university demands. NASGA and its Research Foundation do not pay indirect costs on awards. However, NASGA will consider paying a portion of facilities costs and fees that are directly associated with the administration of awards. We have committed an average of over $45,000 in research grants for each of the last 10 years. The maximum grant amount presently is $15,000.

Proposals are reviewed by the Research Committee for scientific merit and by Research Foundation members for their relevance to the needs of the strawberry industry.  The deadline for submission of proposals for funding is November 15 of the current year.

Use the web link for researchers to download proposals and annual and final reports as PDF files:

Submit a Research Proposal/Final Report Online

You do not have to be a member of NASGA to submit proposals and receive research grants. If you are not a member of NASGA, consider joining our organization. Membership applications can be found at You can become a Professional Member of NASGA and receive a copy of our publications during the year, and discounts on attending our events. We welcome your participation!

Please review our Research Priorities before submitting your proposa and the Guidelines available regarding our proposal submission requirements.

Research Priorities Guidelines for Research Submission

If you have questions about the research funding process, please contact:

Dr. John L. Maas, President
NASG Research Foundation